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Unlike other nations united by ties of blood and history, our American Republic has always been united by ideas. We are a people dedicated to the proposition that all men are, by the Providence of God, Created equal and are, by birthright, free.

America is wealthy, innovative, productive, energetic, and vital. America is powerful. America is the nerve center of the earth's technological advances and its international finance. We feed millions, inform millions, transport millions, build many of the world's highways and airports, its airliners, cars, and trucks. But none of these things gives us our character, our real power and strength. Rather, all these things come from our inner power, our natural law creed and Judeo-Christian ethos, the spiritual source of our unity and our national life, and the well-spring of the profound decency of our people.

That creed is enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, and encoded as law in our Constitution. As we fight to restore and reclaim these Providential truths for our nation, and battle to make the world safe for the blessings of Liberty and Equality, we return in allegiance to the principles of our Declaration of Independence and hew to their lawful enactments in our Constitution, to renew our understanding of them, and our commitment to live them out from day to day.

We as Americans have been richly blessed, but to whom much is given, from him much is demanded. And so it is with us. As we have these blessings, so we are bound in duty to secure them for our posterity, and to spread them for humanity. Americans have always felt this. That is why Abraham Lincoln once called the United States "the last, best hope of Earth." The rights we enjoy and defend are not only American rights, they are natural and human rights.  And we must secure them through responsible and vigorous Patriot action, if they are not to be overwhelmed by enemies, foreign and domestic. This is the urgent and necessary work of the Patriot PAC, in our citizenship vocation -- and we pray that you will join with us to also make this work yours. 

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